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  2014 C.S.A (Community Supported Agriculture)
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Harvest View Farm's C.S.A. (community supported agriculture) program is a unique way of marketing seasonal, fresh, safe fruits & vegetables to local community members.  There are many reasons why one should join our CSA, instead of just purchasing our produce at the farm.  Besides receiving the most produce per dollar spent, it also gets more fresh fruits and vegetables into your home.  Some other benefits are the farmer/consumer relationship, quality, and variety.  Our summer farm tour & weekly E-newsletter will help to educate members about local diversified farming.

Our program will run for 24 weeks, from Wednesday June 11th through November 19th.  Pick up for a full share will be every Wednesday from 2pm till 7pm.  A half share will be available on a specific every other Wednesday from 2pm-7pm.  While you're on vacation or away, have your neighbor or family pick up your share to enjoy.

      A regular membership is $480.00 ($20.00 per week).  A $240.00 deposit by March 1st with the balance by June 1st of $240.00.  If you pay in full by March 1st your total will be $460.00, giving you the savings of a free week.  Half shares are available at $240.00. This amount is paid in full by May1st.

It sounds like a lot of money, but it is considerably cheaper than the grocery store.  You are paying for quality produce & knowing where your food is coming from. This also keeps your dollars in the local farming community to sustain it for the future.

We use a limited amount of pesticides, no chemical fertilizers; our eggs are cage free and hormone free as all our other livestock.  Our cheese is made from non-pasteurized Raw Milk, and our broilers are free range, pasture raised (grass fed).

These are 2 examples of what a weekly pick-up may look like, it will depend on the season and what is available each particular week.  

  These are only examples!  Not an exact 

 June August
1 - head lettuce
1 - # sugar snap peas
1 - bunch radishes
1 - qt. strawberries
1 - bag spinach
1 - block of cheese
1 - # shell peas
1 - bunch rhubarb
1 - doz brown eggs
  1- cantaloupe
4 - cucumbers
1 - # green beans
3 - large tomatoes
1 - doz. sweat corn
1 - qt potatoes
1 - bunch beets
3 - large bell peppers
  Membership includes!

 *Weekly E-Newsletter with farm news, a veggie of the week report.
* Weekly fresh farm items.

Recipes on how to use some of your fruits & vegetables.
* Invitation to farm tour for members with dinner.

Call, e-mail, or stop by to talk with us!  We would be glad to hear from you! 
Please feel free to share this with your friends and family!             

Ken, Cathy, Amy, & Laura Metrick